9. 3 top selling techniques

pip tip 9 3 top selling techniquesWhatever business you are running, you cannot avoid having to be a salesman at some stage!

In essence there are three main types of selling. Have a look at these and decide which one is the best for your business:

1.  Direct sales – this occurs when a business sells its products or services direct to the customer. The big advantage of this method is that you are in direct communication with your client base. Make the most of it to find out what they really need, what they think of your pricing and products and why they picked you over your competitors. This is valuable information and you should use it to guide your decisions as your business moves forwards.

2.  Selling wholesale – this may involve you selling your goods or services to a wholesaler or third party who sells them on to their customers. Alternatively you may be hiring out your services as a sub-contractor. Whatever the situation, you are reliant on a third party so it pays to make sure you keep on their right side. Make those deliveries when you say you would or have a very good reason why not. Ensure your pricing is competitive. Maintain good communications with them at all times.

3.  Telesales or online selling – these are extremely time and cost efficient ways of selling, if your product is one that can be sold in this way. Both methods help you maintain good relationships with your customers through regular communication and you can maximise repeat business.

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