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In last month’s blog I started to show you how to maximise your Facebook cover photo’s potential to help increase your market share.

Here are some more ideas for you:

1. Offer new products. Your cover photo is an ideal platform to advertise your new products or services as it is the first thing anyone sees. Keep it regularly updated to make sure your customers and clients are informed.

I expect many of you are aware of Checkatrade and use their site. I spotted a useful blog recently which I thought I should share with you as it concerns ways in which small businesses like yours can save money.

1. Switch your energy supplier and save pounds. Business energy can be a huge expense. If you stick to the same supplier year after year you run the risk of paying outdated rates. If you use a site such as Love Energy Savings you can compare rates and potentially save pounds.

The first thing I am going to assume is that you have Facebook Business Page. Providing that is the case, I can show you how to maximise its potential to help increase your market share.

If you read these blogs regularly, you will have heard me say this before – everything you do is about marketing your business so your Facebook cover photo needs to be saying something positive about your company.

Take a look at yours now. Is it a random, stock photo? If it is then it’s doing you no good at all. It needs to be interesting, informative and increasing brand awareness to drive people to your page to learn about your products and actively engage with you.

What is the worst thing that can happen to a tradesman? How about having their tools and van nicked?

Hopefully you are insured (you are insured aren’t you?) but even so there will be a time lag while the claim is processed and you then have the hassle of buying everything again. What about the income you lose during this period?

If you can’t pay bills then your family may suffer. That’s not to mention the stress of it all and possible impact on your reputation if you can’t complete work you have contracted to do.
Awareness needs to be raised amongst the general public about the size and nature of the problem, the impact it has on victims and the changes proposed. That’s where #noVANber comes in.

I have thought this for a while and now an official study has confirmed that fewer than half of the adult population are confident undertaking DIY projects in the home.

The study was carried out by Local Heroes, a home improvement and repair service backed by British Gas.

2,000 adults were involved in the survey and just 41% said they felt positive and confident enough to tackle DIY jobs around the home, preferring to employ a local tradesman to do the job instead.

There was a distinct divide across the country with only 37% of those in London, the South East and South West feeling up to the tasks. This compared to 47% in the North West who felt able to get stuck in.


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