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It seems a simple question but not everyone gives the same answer.

An estimate is what you think a job will cost based on your past experience of similar work. It is not an agreement to do the work at a firm price but a realistic guess of what it should cost.

jan 18 w4t gloucester new site

I am not a fan of Keith Lemon.  In fact, I really can’t stand the man.  However in his adverts for Carphone Warehouse he does make a very good point.
“If you don’t ask you don’t get”, he says sunning himself by a pool in Dubai or on the ski slopes in the Alps.  This makes perfect sense to me and is something that you can turn to your advantage.
It is all down to the call to action.  When your sales pitch, advert or webpage gets to the point of the customer ordering, never say this:
“If you would like to place an order …”

oct 17 blog w4t gloucester new site

I am in the marketing business and one of the things my team do is design websites.  Naturally I take a look at our competitors now and then to see what they are up to.

If you look at the websites of most web designers they are all bells and whistles and jargon packed; HTML this, Java that and responsive design the other.  This is all very well, but it seems to me it is designed more to impress their colleagues than attract customers.

oct 16 1 blog w4t gloucester new site

“You are everything and everything is you” sang the Stylistics on their 1971 chart hit.  When it comes to small businesses where you may be a sole trader, you and the business are one and the same, at least as far as marketing is concerned.

oct 17 blog w4t gloucester new site 2

So I see that the new football season has kicked off and Manchester United have lost three games on the spin.  New coach Jose Mourinho is quick to offer his excuses.  Some of the players can’t cope with the pressure of playing for the club, apparently.  Unsurprisingly the referee and his colleagues were also at fault.


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