1. Picking the Right Man for the Job!

pip tip 1 picking the right man for the jobWith more and more people setting up as self-employed businesses, you’ll want to know how to keep one step ahead of the competition. Here are some of the important things that people look for when employing someone to carry out work on their home, whether it is plumbing, redecorating or electrical work.

  • A reputable tradesman. People want to know that they can trust you and that you will do the job you say you will for the price quoted within the time agreed. Ideally they will want recommendations from other people that you have done work for. If you have a web site, this can be easily done by posting comments and reviews of your work, ideally illustrated by relevant photos.
  • Qualifications and insurance. You can expect most clients to ask if you are ensured and qualified to do the work required. If you are not, then of course you should not agree to do it! If you are, though, time can be saved by putting the information on your website.
  • Knowledge of Building Regulations and planning controls. Major building works may require compliance with Building Regulations or need planning consent. Your client will expect you to have full knowledge of these measures. Whatever you do, do not make things up! Ensure you find out what is needed and comply. If you have any specialist knowledge, put it on your website.
  • A contract. These days a client may require a written contract for even the smallest job. It works to your advantage as well, of course, as some obligations will fall on the client. These can cover everything from daily start and finish times, arrangements for parking and rubbish removal.
  • Clarity about payment. You will have financial commitments from day one in terms of purchasing equipment and materials. However, your client is most unlikely to want to pay you until the job is done to their satisfaction. The usual compromise is payment in instalments, such as thirds. You get a third up front, a second payment at an agreed date and final payment on completion. Do make it clear from the beginning if you are registered for VAT or not. Advertise this clearly on your website. Do not ask for cash in hand as most clients will take a very dim view of this and it could harm your hard-earned reputation.

Remember, most people looking for a tradesman will go online to visit their website. The more information you can provide gives them more reason to trust and employ you.

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