7. Small Businesses – Top Five Website Mistakes

pip tip 7 small businesses top five website mistakesThese days all small businesses know that they need to have an online presence and that their website is a crucial part of their branding and marketing strategy. It stands to reason that a poorly designed website can in fact be detrimental to your business.

Here are some of the common mistakes small businesses make with their websites:

1. DIY design – there are plenty of cheap options to allow you to get a website up and running yourself. However, do you really know what you want your site to look like? Have you the marketing talent to pitch to your market? Can you write interesting copy that is right grammatically and correctly spelt? Not everyone can, and there are a vast number of poorly designed websites online.

2. Paying too much to a designer – if you have decided to go with a website designer, you need to make sure you are getting value for money. Too often small businesses blow their entire marketing budget on a site which may look impressive but could have been designed for a much more competitive price.

3. Missing the target audience – too often websites are aimed at every possible visitor. You and your web designer need to understand your core market and aim copy specifically at them. Trying to please everyone will result in you pleasing nobody.

4. Up to date content – one thing that is guaranteed to annoy potential clients is being greeted by content that is clearly out of date. I recently looked at a site and took a look at their News Page only to see several articles from 2013 and just one added since. This tells me their site went live in 2013 and hasn’t been updated in the last couple of years. This tells me I should be looking for a more professional business.

5. No clear call to action – okay, so your client has found your website; now what is he supposed to do? Too many sites lack a clear call to action. Do you want them to buy your product, contact you or sign up for regular e-newsletters? Your potential customer will be asking “what’s in this for me?” You need to tell them.

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