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It’s all about your “professional image".

If your business doesn’t portray an overall professional image to potential customers, then they will simply go to one of your competitors, whilst you lose out on potential profit.

Web4Tradesmen will design and build you a website that is specifically for your business, promoting you and your services in a manner that will outshine your competitors. (or we can refresh your existing website)

The website is the hub of your professional image but there are other factors that Web4Tradesmen tackle for you … you just sit back, relax and enjoy our done for you service.

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These 5 simple questions:

1. How do you think your customers see you and your business?

2. Is your fantastic workmanship or service the best kept secret in town?

3. Why would a potential customer choose you over a competitor?

4. Do you wonder why your adverts are not delivering as many enquiries as they used to?

5. Do you portray an overall professional image?


With Gloucestershire having twice the national average spend on home improvements, can you really afford not to have a piece of the pie?

Have these questions given you something to think about?

A new web-savy customer has arisen. This new breed of consumer are researching and comparing businesses before they even choose who to contact, let alone buy from, so the need for a professional web presence that gives a potential customer the confidence to pick up the phone/click on that ‘email us’ button or even pop in and see you has now become a necessity for all businesses but especially “tradesmen”.

Just some of the mistakes that tradesmen are doing right now:

They hide behind a mobile phone
Their web presence does not reflect their real professional image
They rely on word of mouth too much
They undersell themselves
They don’t use every avenue available to them e.g. Accreditations, Social Media ...
They don’t shout about themselves


Your professional image is costing you time, money and hassle and it really doesn’t need to.

You see, not having a professional online presence in today’s digital age is bad enough but having a bad website that’s outdated, unresponsive and not user friendly, is even worse.

They say you only have 7 seconds to make a good impression. so you have to make those seconds count.

•  Do you have a mobile website? (Most people search for businesses on their mobile)
•  Is your website responsive? (The same online experience no matter what the device)
•  Can you be found online? (Even if you’ve been recommended people check you out online first)
•  Do you use all avenues available to find new business? (this includes blogs, e-newsletters, social media, PPC, banner retargeting to name a few ...)


How do people see you?

Now we’re not saying you’re a cowboy and that you are partial to a good pair of leather boots, but a digital presence that does not scream and shout ‘professional tradesman’ can automatically put you right there with the whisky drinking,
gun toting, horse riding tradesmen.

OK, enough of the Cowboy jokes. Seriously you could be losing £££££’s of lost revenue through immediate perception of a customer searching you online and then comparing with your competitors. All because you don’t have a professional online presence.

Web4Tradesmen keeps your professional image up-to-date and well... professional. Leaving you to do what you do best.

... OK let’s saddle up.

Take a look at what Web4Tradesmen can do for you



Experience Counts

We realise that word of mouth is great ... brilliant even! It proves that you’re amazing at what you do. But it’s a fact that customers will research you before making contact... and it’s not just you! How do you stack up against your competitors online?

Potential customers searching for a tradesman in the local area firstly need to be able to find you. Secondly you need to look professional to gain that all important trust. Then thirdly, it needs to be easy to contact you.

They feel at ease when they know who they are talking to, or better still see pictures of you and your team.

With over 20 years experience working for both businesses and consumers, we’ve built up a vast array of knowledge that puts us in a unique position of “knowing what people want to see and hear and how to deliver it”.




The last two years have seen a massive shift in the way that people search for information, goods, services and suppliers on the internetand yet astonishingly less than 10% of tradesmen have reacted to this.

Why is a mobile presence so important?
From April 2015 Google started ranking mobile websites. Mobile searching has now overtaken PC searching.

With PIP, you’ll get an interactive mobile website to compliment your main website. All of our websites our mobile friendly with mobile optimisation as extra.

Again, your company and your services will be portrayed professionally, giving confidence to your potential clients to get in touch.

With straightforward, no nonsense easy viewing and super-easy navigation, potential clients can be directly in touch with you in a matter of seconds.

Businesses who don’t have a mobile website will definitely be losing £££’s in lost business.



The power of third party testimonials is HUGE!

If you look at most websites and adverts, most businesses will use words like trustworthy, reliable and professional. Whilst this may be true in most cases because these clichés have been over-used, in a potential customers eye, its not believable.

What is a third party testimonial?
Simply, it’s asking your customers to give a testimonial of your services and products. They write in a couple of sentences what they feel you have provided for them. People like to read REAL testimonials from REAL people - this is a really powerful tool. We then upload these onto your website.

It is so important that on your website your testimonial dates are current and fresh... that means making sure they are up-to-date not out-of-date.

With your PIP package, we’ll also design and supply you with FREEPOST testimonial cards so you can collect them that way or your customers can simply enter their testimonial online via your website testimonial widget. It couldn’t be simpler.

Here's an example of a FREEPOST testimonial card ...


Gallery page
With your PIP package you’ll have the opportunity to have a gallery page whereby you can show off your talents!

Everyone likes to see before and after photos - it adds credibility and makes the decision easy for potential customers to pick up the phone and get in touch!

Professional photo shoot
With your PIP package we give you a professional photo shoot that delivers that all important professional image.

You see, not to labour the point but people buy from people and having a professional shoot allows you to portray the best possible image to your potential customers.

Underestimate these at your peril!

Offers and Promotional page
In your PIP package we can update your website with your offers and promotions. This is vital and keeps your website fresh too.

Don’t worry - you don’t have to give away anything, we’ll talk you through what works best.

People like to use offers and vouchers and it will compel potential customers to get in touch.

Auto-responders: very important
You may have already heard of auto-responders but if you haven’t, they really are an amazing tool to compliment your professional image. For example, when a potential customer contacts you via a contact form in your website, they will immediately receive an email notification thanking them for their enquiry and saying that you will contact them within the next 24 hours (or whatever message works well for you).


If you have accreditations, you should definitely use these to your advantage.

Not only do they enhance your professional image and reputation, potential customers like to see that your business is affiliated with recognised bodies. We’ll show off your accreditations and link them to your details within that accreditation body.

Great kudos for you!

Unique email addresses
You’ll get your own email addresses too. It’s really important when creating a professional image to have your own website related email addresses.

Potential new customers will feel happier and much more confident about contacting you if you have a website related email address rather than contacting a hotmail or gmail address. Little things like this are important when creating your professional image.

Social Media
You’ll also get social media links on your website and your mobile website.

This will then take people directly to your Facebook or Twitter page for example. PLUS we’ll design and load your Facebook & Twitter image headers too! This is great for keeping your social media pages fresh and a good tool to promote your offers or promotions too.



Understanding your business
OK, so you’re aware of the website offerings you receive in your PIP package ... but here at Web4Tradesmen, we like to go the whole hog!

You’ll also receive “Strategy Sessions” in your PIP package ... this entails either meeting up at a pre-arranged date/time, having a cuppa and a chat or if you’re too busy, a telephone call is just fine too!

This is where great ideas are born! We’ll talk through what products/services you need to be promoting, we’ll talk through campaigns that deliver.

  • We understand your business
  • Ideas are generated to get you more money
  • We discuss your services and how to promote them
  • and lots more besides...


A lot less than you think
We know that money doesn’t grow on trees and you need to spend yours wisely. That’s why we have developed our PIP monthly payment... so just like when you are buying a new van that’s on the road, hassle free, serviced and taxed, it becomes an affordable monthly figure.

So it's clear, your PIP package includes the complete design and build of your website, so your PIP package allows you to pay for your brand new website over a period of months, just like buying a van.

Your PIP package will also include continual updates to your website to keep it fresh with new content, testimonials, photos etc. We do all of that for you!

We can tailor your PIP package to suit your requirments, so talk to us, 01452 864402


Here at Web4Tradesmen, we’re always on hand to help out with other promotional material. We’re your one-stop shop!

To compliment your PIP package we are able to continue your branding throughout any marketing material that you may need.

We can help with ...

  • Design & print
  • - Brochures - Stationery - Booklets - Flyers & more
  • E-newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Database management
  • SMS
  • Videos
  • Invisible pages
  • Surveys
  • Signage
  • - Vans - Boards - Pavement Signs - Flags & more

To see all we can help you with visit our Done-For-You page

  • As a small business, and we were one, we didn’t think that you would need an all singing, all dancing website. But actually, you do. My customers say our website is very easy to use and very professional, and that’s why they have chosen us.

    Web4Tradesmen take all the hassle away from me, I just like to go to a job and do my work and they do all the background stuff – All I have to do is send photo’s and they do the rest on my portfolio! It’s so much easier for me, I haven’t got to do anything, so we are really pleased. Because everything is done for you, it takes the pressure off.

    We get a lot of enquiries through the website now is absolutely brilliant - we definitely recommend Web4Tradesmen.

    Colin & Jo Liddell, CAL Decorators

  • Your image, whether it’s on social media, website, pictures – it’s the first thing people see of you, and if it mirrors what you are (and I like to think I’m professional) that’s the image of my company that I want to portray. If I go to Web4Tradesmen I know I’m going to get greeted with a warm welcome and looked after with a cup of coffee and hand and can talk about anything I need to talk about. All I want to say is Thank You Web4Tradesmen.

    Darren Hingley, Elite Repairs and Paint

  • "With Web4Tradesmen, it seems that it is seamless for us. We are finding that the payback is tenfold. The team at W4T are so approachable and there’s never anything that is too much trouble. If you’ve tried other website designers, other website providers – Web4Tradesmen are local, they’re not like a lot of other companies that we’ve dealt with in the past, where once you’ve paid, it’s very difficult to get anything sorted out. So, if you’re looking for a team that will be honest with you, try Web4Tradesmen."

    Les Stewart, Stewart Kitchens and Bathrooms


Designed with you in mind, we have created an amazing tradesmen friendly product, called PIP.

PIP stands for:

We realise that as a tradesman, you may or may not have an internet presence already but know you need to portray yourself and your services, in a more professional manner.

We also realise that money doesn’t come easy and you need to spend your money wisely.

Choosing PIP gives you a really affordable route to getting your company and its services promoted professionally by spreading the cost on a monthly basis. Just like being able to buy a brand new van, you can do the same with a brand new website too! Now that’s music to anyone’s ears!

PIP enables you to do what you do best, which is to concentrate on your work, looking after your customers, whilst we look after your website and other online mediums for you. You can relax & just take it easy!

web4tradesmen the right tool


Your website is just as important as if you had a shop window in the High Street. But unlike a traditional shop you are open 24/7. It needs to take potential customers interest from the get-go. So design is paramount. Portraying your services in a professional light is one sure way of people calling you for a quote.

Our websites are built on platforms that are responsive and continually updated, never leaving your site behind with the times.

It’s also about keeping your website fresh and with new content that is targeted at the customers you want to entice. Expired offers and old testimonials are a definite no-no.

Before building your website, we’ll get together and go through the services you need to concentrate on initially, create a brief, look through the styles and images that you prefer and we’ll move forward from there.

 Some of what PIP includes: 

  • We sort all the hosting and domains for you
  • The websites are responsive so they work and look great on all devices (mobiles, PC’s & tablets)
  • They’re built on future proof platforms (so in 6 months or 6 years your site is still up-to-date)
  • We include testimonials
    ... and galleries
    ... and auto responders
    ... and promotions & special offers
    ... not to mention social media links too
  • Not only that but we also do the copywriting




How often do you see a magazine that’s designed entirely for tradesmen.

Web4Tradesmen Trade Talk magazine is a Free magazine for professional Tradesmen, giving free business tips and advice, industry facts and news, and more.

Why not grab yourself a cuppa, and take a look.

If you’d like to receive future copies of Trade Talk, not a problem at all, just call us on 01452 864402 and we’ll make it so!



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