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I read a harrowing statistic the other day. Nearly 70% of plumbers who have been doing the job for 30 years or more have had to undergo knee surgery.

So-called ‘Plumber’s Knee’ is a complaint that is well known in the construction industry. It is usually the result of plumbers constantly kneeling without adequate support.

The condition is extremely painful and can lead to it becoming impossible to carry out plumbing work at all. The usual remedies for people suffering from Plumber’s Knee are:

• Using ice to reduce the swelling
• Taking anti-inflammatory drugs
• If the symptoms persist then a visit to the doctor is required
It is best to be proactive when it comes to knee problems and take preventative measures before a serious problem develops. Here are some suggested methods:
• Check your knees regularly for any signs of swelling and stop working if they begin to hurt
• Purchase a pair of knee protectors – there are one specifically designed with plumbers in mind
• Get a Plumber’s Pad which will protect your knees but can also provide support for your back

So, the message to all you plumbers is protect your knees now to prevent problems further down the line.


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