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If you are just starting up in business you will be looking at getting a stationery pack together. In my view the most important item is a business card and here are the reasons why:

• Professional stationery makes you look like a professional business. It is what people expect of you.

• It is an opportunity to get some information across quickly and easily. The name of your business is a must, of course, together with your name and a contact number. If you have social media presence (eg a Facebook page) include that too.

I have to say that tradesmen seem split about whether online listing sites are good for the industry or not. Nevertheless, they always seem to do well in search ratings so they must be worth a look.

They make their money by charging a monthly subscription fee and may also charge for any leads they generate for you.

So hopefully you now have your website up and running. Your next question should be how to get people to visit your site.

There are basically two ways to raise your site’s visibility online: organically or by methods you pay for.

Organic Searches
By ‘organic’ I mean what naturally happens when someone types keywords into their search engine such as “electricians in Gloucester”. Hopefully, if you are indeed an electrician in Gloucester, then your website will appear in the list of results. The higher your site appears in the list the more likely it is that people will visit and this in turn should push it further up the list.

I expect you have heard of property developer, entrepreneur and TV presenter Sarah Beeny. As she explained in a recent interview in The Daily Telegraph, she knew that she wanted to go into property development from a young age.

While friends and contemporaries were studying hard at university, Sarah was checking out the property market ad by her mid-20s had an established property development business. A chance meeting and conversation at a hen party resulted in a successful screen test and when her first TV show Property Ladder appeared her career really took off.

In this modern world of high tech you know that a postcard in a newsagent’s window isn’t going to cut it. You need a website.

The internet is a marvellous advertising place for any tradesman, from electricians to plasterers and decorators to landscape gardeners. You can bet that most people looking for a tradesman to do a job will be searching online so you need to make sure your website tells them all they need to know.


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